John 15:13

"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends."   John 15;13

Dear Jim and Jake and all of you that take this journey each and every day of your lives, who have made the decision to serve and protect others.



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Dave & Barbara Hubert; Cartoons; Artwork; Fire Captain & The Rose Pa


Dave Hubert, is one of the finest men I have ever met.  As an artist myself, Dave Hubert and I had a instant connection.  His artwork, the cartoons (Hubie's cartoons) gave so much to the Fire Fighter's of Orange County, California and WAY Beyond!  But... not only Dave's cartoons, but his illustrations are so detailed with exquisite artistry.  Dave could have made a fortune in the art industry or any other industry (restorations), but chose to give his life to be a Fireman.  Dave became Fire Captain in one of the largest counties in California.   My recollection is that he had to take an early retirement due to health issues. 

Did that stop Dave Hubert... NO! 

I met Dave Hubert at the Griffiths Park, pre New Years Day event where the horses were shown before the New Years parade.  I went there invited by another horseman friend, but ran into the STEAMER, and that is where my horse viewing ended. 

I was instantly in love with the mechanics and workmanship of the STEAMER and then more when meeting Barbara and Dave Hubert. 

The rest is history and we have been GREAT close friends ever since. 

I was invited to dine, play music, come to their home, travel with , do artwork of, and be a part of their great TEAM!  

As I was putting together the Steamer photos for my website, I started to cry and was thanking the Lord for HIS loving ways HE has taken me through my life, to meet such gracious, talented friends.  

To Dave, Barbara, Blaze and now Dottie, YOU have been such an inspiration to the Fire Fighters of America, bringing JOY and HOPE and Laughter everywhere you have been sent by God. YOU have certainly helped make my life better.

With LOVE,  Katie West