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The Art of Katie West Presents LEGENDS OF THE AMERICAN WEST

This is a Full Color 128 page Coffee Table Book measuring 12" x 8". 

Includes all the GREATS: Hoppy; The Duke: Roy; Gene; Gunsmoke; Clint; The Lone Ranger; and dozens and dozens others.  I have known most of them personally and I tell you about each GREAT! Also included is 50 additional pages of Special Western Art, Horses, Guns + + + and a quote from Western Actor Jon Locke, who writes the Forward, "This Book should be in every University Bookstore and Library in America. This book is History."


In Search Of A Friend... The Journey

This is a TRUE Story.  Buddy, the black & white collie loses his best friend, Holly.  Together Buddy & I leave for 10 days and go to the ocean "hoping-praying" for a miracle from God.  Our hearts are broken. I didn't intend on writing a book, but, I wrote a book from my broken heart, and by God, Buddy played it out. YOU will see the pain of loss, BUT, "The Miracle GOD did."  It is a treasure, full color. If you like the ocean and feel good Miracle books, this is it!

Size is  8.5" x11"  &  50 full color beautiful pages.


Help Save Lassy's Farm

This is also a TRUE story.  Another Miracle from God.  This is the book you need to read after the BLUE book.   It takes up where the blue book stops.  It is a wonderful book and both would be good for children with beautiful full color high quality printed pages.  Both of these books SOLD in Costco Stores, actually all 4 books sold at Costco. Another Miracle!  Book size is 8.5" x 11" & is 70 pages of the most beautiful photography you have ever seen.

And, the beautiful collie you see on the cover is the Lassie dog from the "Classic" 2006 Lassie movie with Peter O'Toole. 

See Lassie's REAL farm, where "little Lassy" is born.  Take a wonderfully, beautiful trip with Lassy as she goes back to see her father, Lassie.  This is a TRUE Story!

"I will watch over you"


"I'll Watch Over You" Witnessing The Miracles Of God

Very Amazing Book, all full color with 63 "TRUE MIRACLE" stories from personal friends of mine.  I also wrote several. The first 1/4 of the book is "MIRACLE" military stories, Patriotic miracle stories, 911 miracle stories, that proves, AMERICA AND AMERICANS, are "MIRACULOUS!"  The stories will have you at the edge of your seat and will help build your FAITH in GOD! It is full of Patriotism & stories that will help you always believe in MIRACLES.  Dan Haggerty and Shirley Jones write the forwards & also their own MIRACLE stories. Also included other notables in the movie industry.  It will help you believe again!



I haven't done this before, but, this is the back of the MIRACLE BOOK.  Among Shirley & Dan, is Mimi Rogers, the daughter that Roy & Dale adopted; Akiane, the miracle artist that painted Jesus and her personal poetry; Jeff Hildebrandt, the Starz Encore Western Channel Producer  & many Miraculous stories, where God did Life and Death Miracles. WE have an "Amazing God!"

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