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In My life working with so many wonderful and different people and Creating things, I  ALWAYS believed God would come through with the answer.  He gave me abilities and, I haven't put them under a "Bushel Basket."  I have tried all my life,  "To Let My Light Shine!"  You are viewing not only my website, You are viewing My Life! It has been a "Marvelous Journey."

What has made it the best is... "Everyone I have ever worked with has become my friend, and that is what TRULY has made my life!

I would love to be a part of Your Life and have You be a part of mine.

So I am saying "WELCOME FRIEND" I am happy You Are Here!

God bless You,

Katie "Heart" West


For information for YOUR Project: CALL 417-683-WEST

Thank you for visiting

If you would like references for our previous work, please call. 

We will give you current references for YOUR Project.

Look forward to working with you. 

References available from

Police; Sheriff; Military; Fire and

Government and City Officials.

God Bless You & America Bless GOD,

Katie West

Katie West Art- What we ARE-wHAT WE DO

BOOKS by Katie West

BOOKS by Katie West

BOOKS by Katie West


 Katie has four published books that were sold in Costco stores, all from the heart. 

Legends above is a coffee table book. 


BOOKS by Katie West

BOOKS by Katie West


I love the Cowboys I grew up with.  I am blessed to know most of them personally.

Cowboys in oil;  Greeting Cards & Posters.

COWBOYS - Pen & Ink

BOOKS by Katie West

Granite Monuments & Walls


Pen & Ink is such a GREAT medium.  The pen and ink is then painted in watercolor.

All available in Greeting Cards & Posters.

Granite Monuments & Walls

Granite Monuments & Walls

Granite Monuments & Walls

Riverside Sheriff Memorial for the Fallen Designed and Engraved by Katie West

Granite monument for Riverside Sheriff Dept. I love OUR Police, Sheriff's, Military, Fire & First Responders. It was an Honor to design & engrave this monument.

Patriotic Art for America

Granite Monuments & Walls

Patriotic Art for America


Patriotic Art shows "Our Patriotism" and Love for America.  



Granite Monuments & Walls

Patriotic Art for America

Horses, Horses, Horses In Art & Heart

Horses are the best. I love Horses.  They are a huge part of my life. I grew up with Westerns & Horses. I love painting them. They are so majestic!

Do you have a Special Project - or a DREAM project?

Wood-Laser Engraving

Commissions Welcome & LandMarks

Commissions Welcome & LandMarks


Commissions Welcome & LandMarks

Commissions Welcome & LandMarks

Commissions Welcome & LandMarks


Do you have a "Special Project?" 


A DREAM Project.

Give us a CALL: 417-683-WEST

Special Custom Oil Paintings

Commissions Welcome & LandMarks

Special Custom Oil Paintings



6000 square foot building, dinner house, and Gallery for Katie West Art, in 2012.

This 8' x 12' painting on the outside of Water Wheel by Katie West.

The American Wall Of Freedom

The American Wall Of Freedom

Special Custom Oil Paintings


This WALL is 475 feet long & 8'-10' tall. it is the history of America "Founded by the 1st Founding Father, GOD."  Engraved in 

black granite & much in full color.

Publicity & Awards

The American Wall Of Freedom

The Emotional Deposit


At  Michigan  Cowboy Film Festival, the Congressman, soon Senator, stood up and read this. He wrote this person into the Congressional  Record at the festival. 

I wanted to meet the person he was talking about.  I found out it was me.



The Emotional Deposit

The American Wall Of Freedom

The Emotional Deposit


The Emotional Deposit goes beneath & beyond, deeply into the heart. I love to go there. It makes life so much fuller when you share your heart.

Laser Bricks - Laser Engraving

Laser Bricks - Laser Engraving

Laser Bricks - Laser Engraving


Laser Engraved Bricks;  Wood; Granite;

Glass & more.  Custom engraved gifts.

Veteran; Police; Sheriff; Fire Memorials.


Laser Bricks - Laser Engraving

Laser Bricks - Laser Engraving


So Blessed to have a part in the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Park, Ava, Missouri.  Behind this granite engraving is 

450 engraved Veteran bricks.

LoveLight Greeting Cards

Laser Bricks - Laser Engraving

LoveLight Greeting Cards


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Clients and Friends

Clients and Friends

LoveLight Greeting Cards


My friend, Grizzley, Dan Haggerty,  we had a great birthday party for Grizz.  This 

was his birthday present from me. The 

images are baked in tile w custom frame.


Clients and Friends

Photo Gallery


Commissions are a great opportunity to make something that has never been made  before.  The AVA Post Office asked me to do an ART WALL. WE chose to 

Give Our Respect & Appreciation to

Our Military; Police; Sheriffs; Fire; & more!

Photo Gallery

Clients and Friends

Photo Gallery


Photo gallery with great cowboy friends. Many have been in the TV Western era.

It was a time in America with traditional family values . 


Additional Information


Supporting Our Military;   Our Police;   Our 1st Responders; Sheriff's;   Fire;   Our Constitution;   Our Amendment Rights;                                Our Christian Values;  

 Supporting Our President   


My Artwork is "My Heart" for My Country   


America's Foundation 

Founded by the 1st Founding Father, GOD.  


The Painting  "Raising The Flag At Iwo Jima"  says it all! 

This painting is in the Council Chambers, City Hall, Ava, Missouri 

Mayor Burrely Loftin

ART: Special process, Painting on Wood

Special Oil-based Paint

Wood Stain & Air Brushing

Size Approximately 3' x 4'

Frame is custom made by Katie West

America is a mixed bag of nationalities - WE all have our purpose!

The Navajo Code Talkers were able to send their code in 20 seconds to save the Marines under fire at Iwo Jima.  If it had been sent in English, 1) it might have been over taken by enemy soldiers  2) It would take 30 minutes.  

Our Marines didn't have 30 minutes until death.

The Navajo code was deciphered and help was there to save "OUR Marines!"

The navajo code talkers

Check out this great video


Facts about katie west art

Welcome to "My Life" in a Website/Visual Book.

Dedicated to my friends who trusted me with their lives "creating wonderful" business memories.  My Lord  gave me "Creativity" teaching me Life  & Love through it all. 

Life is an open book - write your life

My Thank You's


I wish to thank Kathy Jones, Postmaster for Ava Post Office.  When she asked me to do the post office Freedom Wall behind her postal clerks, we did not only become friends, but it seemed to open up things in my heart that I thought were buried and forgotten. "Postal National" liked The Freedom Wall so much, they wanted to do an article on me for their magazine.  I had rebuilt my website, somewhat? But when National wanted to do an article, it renewed my strength to try and finish the website, "This Website!" I am writing this another hundred hours later.  You can view "Our" FREEDOM WALL on 

Monument & Landmarks; Veterans & Military; and Commissions.

The second I would like to thank is Godaddy when I found out my website of 25 years was "completely gone,  a few months back, was devastated.  Then I thought, "I will rebuild!"  And... Several "Hundreds" of hours later ???  

I virtually had to re-think and re-build my life.  I think it was a "God Thing."  I had to go back to the beginning, not only my artwork, but what is "my makeup!" A lot of what you see on this website, I didn't remember.  I had taken care of my mother for 10 years. She passed away in 2015. We moved 1700 miles from our home to a new land in America. We had to, I wanted to care for my mom, and our finances ran out. We took our equity and again, began to rebuild.  I am still in the process of rebuilding.  "I don't think God wants you comfortable, HE wants you growing!"

My mom was my motorcycle buddy.  Taking care of my mom, was "MY MOST Honored" experience in my life.  She deserved it and I wanted to do it. Nothing was more important than my mom, not my artwork nor business!  The picture you see on the right is my "beloved mother."  She is 98 years old in this photo. (Mom had me later in life!) The silhouette you see taking the photo is "our beloved pastor, Dick Hillary." Mom and I rode the RoadStar to Church.

Thank YOU to My daughter, Julie Hunt, who saved my life!

Thank YOU to David Clark, Vintage West, the 1st person who ever said, "You have got talent!"

Thank YOU to Jon Locke, for teaching me how to laugh.

Thank YOU to Pastor Larry Hargus, my husband, who teaches me every day love and patience, and who picked up the pieces after Mom passed away.

This is not a Website, it is my visual BOOK, that I am still writing.  It is my life in many ways, maybe even my BLOG!  Many would say, this is TOO Much.  Websites are supposed to be well--- more impersonal!  Godaddy said they would rebuild it, BUT, Godaddy didn't have my heart.  I had to rebuild it, "from My Heart!"  I hope it touches Your Heart!

God bless,

Katie West


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