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I started a Graphic Arts Agency, FREE STYLE GRAPHICS.  I was near Disneyland in Orange County, California.  

 My MISSION Statement was:

 "NO BOUNDARIES, NO LIMITS" and "Nothing is Impossible, it just takes a little longer." 

 Since that time, I have been quite challenged, AND... 

"I have met every challenge and I have been on time with every challenge."

In 1989, I had  some very large  accounts.  Two of them were Bausch & Lomb and the other was a national ad campaign for Dep Corporation, advertising Lavoris Mouthwash and Topal Toothpaste.  I will post two of the visuals used for the magazine campaign.  My artist for Lavoris was Pat Rawlings, the TOP  artist for Nasa.  He did art for me that was, "What Mars Looks Like, with a bottle of Lavoris mouthwash landing."    See Commissions-coming soon.

In 1991, I still had my advertising agency, but along with advertising, I turned to what my heart wanted more, fine art.  Even though I was doing more artwork, my name was still out there for "The Impossible."  

I have worked with the finest people in the world, kind, courteous, creative and team players.

"Centra Realty; Shirley Jones & Marty Ingalls; Dan Haggerty; Jon Locke; Buzz Aldrin; Steve Allen; Clyde & Elsie Frost (Lane's parents);  Director Burt Kennedy; Ford Corporation; Ontario Motor Speedway; David Clark, Vintage West; Rolls Royce & Bentley; Trails West Gallery, Laguna; Karen & Richard Carpenter; American Kidney Fund; Riverside Sheriff's Association; LAPD; Friess Construction; City San Juan Capistrano; George Barris; Toyota Motors U.S.A.; Wells Fargo Bank;  City of Norco; Sportsman's Lodge; Irvine Spectrum: City of Ava; Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association and The White House and much more."

So with that being said, "I never said NO!"  I will share with you my wonderful years of working with the best people in the world, and "like my inventor father" 

"Creating THINGS that have never been done before."

I was introduced to the movie industry, specifically, the "Western Movie Industry" by meeting not only actors & actresses, but directors, producers and my writer Robert Hecker and John Wayne's director after John Ford had died... director Burt Kennedy.  My first meeting with Burt was a celebrity party after the Western Film Festival in Arizona.  He was telling me about his next project, Little Big Horn. Custer's entire attachment had been killed and 2 days after the Battle of Little Big Horn, a horse was found alive.  Captain Keogh was shot and near death.  His horse was also shot, but Keogh knew the Indians wouldn't take the horse of a dead man.  As he died, he held onto Comanche's rein's, so his horse would not be taken.   I was so taken with Burt's story, that after he was done telling me of his project, we both looked up and the entire room was empty.

I engraved Comanche in granite and when I showed it to Burt in his home in Beverly Hills, he was so moved, there were tears in his eyes.

My heart wanted to bring back to America the GREAT family TV programs. All the people I was associated with were feeling the same.

We were all a group of like hearts. Together we wanted to bring back to America family values.  I was in Utah for Kanab Western Film Festival.  I had the unique pleasure to spend quality time with TV director, Earl Bellamy.  It was a "breathtaking event."  Earl was now retired.  I shared my vision and my goal to bring back family values.  Earl said the most surprising words to me.

"Katie, if you are the producer, I will come out of retirement."  I was taken back. That had been my heart's desire.  I said, "Okay."  We became a team, a GRAND Team! 

Earl had directed between 1600 and 1700 TV shows.  These are just my favorites.

Wells Fargo;  Andy Griffith;  Lassie;  Leave It To Beaver;  Rawhide;  McHale's Navy;

The Virginian;  Wagon Train;  The Lone Ranger;  Rin Tin Tin;  The Munster's;  Mod Squad;  My Three Sons;  The Brady Bunch;  The Partridge Family;  Fantasy Island;  The Love Boat... and hundreds and hundreds more, and O'  Then Came Bronson. That sealed my desire for a Big Bike!  Jon Locke said that Earl was the easiest director to work with.  Whenever anyone would make a mistake, Earl would simply say. "No Sweat."  

This is the WALL at the Famed Sportsman's Lodge, Studio City, California.  The Sportsman's was the last Hollywood meeting place, celebrity hideout, hangout. The Olympic size pool is adjacent to this cove,  I was asked to produce & install. 

Before our "Celebrity Wall" it was a dark hole. The color art are full color emblazoned 12" x 12" tiles. The framed black above is granite engravings of all the movie stars that had attended the Golden Boot Pre Party at the Sportsman's and had passed away. 

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I will be sending you several places as I continue to build this website.  

I was going to have a professional do it for me, BUT, they didn't have my heart.

My clients ALL become, and mean ALL become my friends.  It was not ever JUST doing a job for profit, "It was a from my heart."  my CREATIVE Gift.  It was and STILL IS, my Gift to MY NEW FRIENDS. 

 I do not take someone trusting me to create for them, or their finances lightly.  I LOVE to Serve!


Monuments & landmarks

"The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer"


This is the WALL at the Famed Sportsman's Lodge, Studio City, California.  The Sportsman's was the last Hollywood meeting place, celebrity hideout, hangout. The Olympic size pool is adjacent to this cove,  I was asked to produce & install. 

Before our "Celebrity Wall" it was a dark hole. The color art are full color emblazoned

 12" x 12" tiles. 

The framed black above is granite engravings of all the movie stars that had attended the Golden Boot Pre-Party at the Sportsman's and had passed away. 

It was a HOLLYWOOD meeting place.  Tim Conway was a regular for an early morning breakfast.  The breezeway was cool for luncheons on a warm summer day.  It was my Hollywood office for meetings.  Frank Sinatra Jr., a very private man, and I, met here and this is where he asked me to bring my FLAG CAR, for the Nevada Day Parade where he was grand marshal.   Frank also made the contact for me to have a 6 month long art showing with the Nevada Attorney General at their Capital Building in Nevada.





Life has many different turns WE don't expect.  Shirley and Marty were one of them.  I was in a Celebrity Show at the Beverly Garland Hotel and met Shirley and Marty.  Marty said something that surprised me.  We started talking about the things I had done, granite and monuments, etc.  Marty said, "Maybe this is NOT just a "Chance Meeting.' 

They lived in the Hollywood area, but had a get-a-way in Big Bear, California.  Big Bear is gorgeous, big pines, beautiful lake, snowy winter less than 100 miles from their home. 

They had just purchased in the center of town, a beautiful site that Marty wanted to build into a 911 REMEMBRANCE PARK.   It would create a beautiful walking and sitting park for the Big Bear residents and guests.  Marty loved America and was a GREAT Patriot.  He wanted something very special help remember those lost at 911.  He wanted to re-insure that America's Patriotism following 911 would always be remembered.  

Granite was not what Marty wanted.  He wanted something more mild than rock.  He wanted emotion, love, "heart-felt" compassion.  I told Marty about a process called "Sublimation," baking full colored artwork on premium tile.  I showed him the WALL I had done in Studio City, just a few miles from The Beverly Garland Hotel.  It was a go.  

I started designing the concept. Marty had his visuals and his "heart felt" words.  I just had to give him the venue. Marty also had metal from the falling towers from Manhattan, New York.  

Because there is so much cold weather, snow and ice in Big Bear during the winter, the tiles had to be protected from the winter cold and the summer hot.  We designed and built 2 beautiful chalets to protect the art.  The chalets had to be designed to fit the landscape of the outdoors. 

Here are the photos of Marty Ingels and Shirley Jones 911 Park.

Shirley & Marty


The friendship of these two gracious people, met a lot to me. They were kind, funny, dedicated, loving and so kind.  While working one day at the Park, I took my mom.  Shirley was more than gracious to take a picture with mom.  Mom smiled all day long!  Shirley Jones also wrote the forward for book, "I'll Watch Over You, Witnessing The Miracles Of God."  As we sat in her Big Bear home overlooking the lake, she told me about "Her Personal Miracle"  of the "Musicals; The Music Man; Oklahoma and Carousel."  She also shared with me the stories about her beloved dogs, King and Hanna.  LOVE YOU Shirley Jones.  

One thing that impressed me about Shirley, but also broke my heart was, when Marty died, Shirley said, "I LOVED Him to The Core. "  I understood!


granite wall - irvine spectrum, ca

Black Absolute Granite Engraving

Granite Wall at The Irvine Spectrum, Irvine, California

Information, Donor Wall for Human Options.

Size of WALL- 8 feet tall and 16 feet wide.  

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Thank you, Katie West