WALLS, PetrigraphTM Granite, TileArtTM

Sportsman's Lodge Hotel, Sherman Oaks, California
Designed, PetrigraphTM Engraved Granite & Original Art from Oil Paintings, 
Baked & Emblazoned in TileArt
by Katie West



TileArtTM by Katie West
     Dick Jones, Buffalo Bill Jr.      Dale Robertson, Tales of Wells Fargo        Sam Elliott

     Sam Elliott                            Tom Selleck, Cross Fire Trails                             Monte Hale

    Monte Hale                                Jon Locke                           James Drury, The Virginian

GOD BLESS THE U.S.A... Let Freedom Ring!                      Jock O'Mahoney

Granite Engravings, with Katie West's Petrigraphic process...
engravings of the Celebrity Friends that graced this beautiful Hotel.

The granite engravings denote "The Dear Friends" that have passed...
The full color TileArtTM portraits... the one's that are still with us.

     Chuck Connors  1921-1992        Pat Buttram 1915-1994         Doug McClure 1936-1995                    Ben Johnson 1918-1996

Ben Johnson         Denver Pyle 1913-1997           Roy Rogers 1911-1998     Dale Evans 1912-2001           Gene Autry 907-1998

                                                                                          Iron Eyes Cody 1904-1999               Eddie Dean  1908-1999

Because this is an outdoor gallery, I remember many times, Iron Eyes Cody and others would be stolen off the wall.  I also had to devise a way to keep the gallery outdoors and people be unable to "borrow" the art off the wall, the granite engravings of their heros. The wall has been in place since June, 2000... and none have been stolen.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


     Clayton Moore 1914-1999                         George Montgomery  1916-2000                                   Richard Farnsworth  1920-2000

    I knew all these wonderful men... but Richard was my favorite.  He was an honorable man with alot of heart.  I especially liked his movie, Straight Story.  It was nominated for an Oscar.   Richard was a real cowboy, with real cowboy values.  When he made Straight Story, he had already gotten cancer and what you see in the movie was how he really felt.  I am very close still with Richard's family and Richard's finacee".  
This wall to all of us who knew these men personally... is a feeling that is hard to put into words. 
It is "just"  respect, emotions and love.

                                 Burt Kennedy  1919-2001                            John Mitchum  1919-2001                 Johnny Mack Brown  1904-1974

Burt Kennedy and I were very close.  He was the director of many John Wayne movies after John Ford passed.  One of my fondest memories of Burt and I was at an after party in Laughlin.  Burt and I were sitting talking about his next movie, Comanche, the last survivor of Custers Last Stand.  I was so enthralled in his story and what was probably hours seemed like minutes.  After he was finished telling me this movie story... we both looked up and "everyone" was gone.  I have a personal copy of this movie Comanche from Burt and I did a granite engraving of Comanche because he was so special.  I remember the unveiling of the granite in his home.  He was touched. Burt's very own words are written on the engraved granite.   It was on display at Burt's services when he passed. Burt was a WWII war hero and is buried in Arlington Cemetary, Washington D.C.

My other favorite person is John Mitchum.  I was honored to pray with John when he recieved the Lord. It was a very holy and tearful time in actor Jon Locke's livingroom.  John Mitchum was extremely talented and a Patriot of America as was Burt and most of these movie friends.  There values were Old School... America first... Love of God and Country!

                                      Anthony Caruso  1916-2003                                            John Agar  1921-2002

                          Lash LaRue  1917-1996                                                            President Ronald Reagan 1911-2004

I always like to put the art in color whenever possible when it is Patriotic... and show America's colors.  As with Ronald Reagan, Cowboy, President of the Screen Actors Guild, Actor, President of the United States Of America. 
I developed a special process for coloring granite.  The "before" coloring process of granite was very thick, very toxic and had virtually no blending capabilities.  I developed this process to give the engraved granite warm,
flowing colors to bring out the warmth of skin tones. 
This engraving of Ronald Reagan is from my oil painting.

To contact Katie West how you can have a wall, TileArtTM,  Granite Engravings or special gifts, please call or write,
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