by Katie West


The American Wall of Western Legends is engraved in black absolute granite.
The purpose of this wall is to bring back to America... our family values, the traditional values, roll models of the cowboys and cowgirls of the 1950's, 60's and later. 
Role models like Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger and more... from Tom Mix to Tom Selleck.  

These men and women were not only television stars, but Patriots of America, many serving in the military during WWII.  Ernest Borgnine, Gene Autry, Clark Gable, James Stewart, Audie Murphy and others who served their country, leaving the spotlights and money of TV stardom to serve their country.  Many were given Purple Hearts and decorated for their bravery in the face of America being attacked on her own soil... declared war upon.
The WALL will tell their story of purpose and "Heeding America's and God's Call." 
 Each panel will be 50' long and 10 to 12 feet tall.  The images will be engraved in granite and will be full size. The center of The WALL will be 14 feet to 18 feet tall. 

The WALL will be two sided... WWI,  WWII,  Korean War,  Viet Nam War and current Wars will be giving history and thanking those who have served America.  America Stands and Appreciates THEIR Service and The WALL will show in visuals "our military men and women serving."  The visuals will tell the story, but also, the words, the stories, will tell the story of The Greatest Nation this Earth has ever seen. 
Founded on God's Principals,
and as long as there is one Christian left in this great nation,
AMERICA will be One Nation Under God!

This is a closer view of the center engraved granite panel.  I have developed a coloring process for granite that looks natural.  All "Patriotic" images will be in full color engraved granite. The actual model is available for viewing.

For more information on The American Wall of Western Legends
Contact Katie West at or call: (417) 683-WEST (9378)

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