Katie West's "Patriotic" Story

When it comes to my country, America, there is in me a very special feeling that is hard to explain. 
Patriotism in America is shown the most... by our military saying the oath to the Constitution of The United States... and then... going off to war to possibly die for their country. 

I know that my Patriotism and my love of my country is something that God has placed in my heart.
I know that it runs very deep... and just the colors of the red, white and blue overwhelm me.

I cannot say when it first started, but I remember as a child that I knew that I was not on this earth to just come and go. I had a purpose and it was my life's journey to find that purpose and "give it my all" to make it come to pass.  I became a Christian over 30 years ago... & the purpose was stronger and more overwhelming.  

I really do not know what to call... "The CALL"... but I feel that I am driven to bring back to my country... "Love of God and Country."  My friends and people that know me... must many times think I am crazy, because, most often I am wearing my country's colors.  I have two automobiles that are fully patriotic and ride a 1700cc motorcycle that is also Patriotic.
This time in history, America is uniting to follow more closely the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  I wrote a poem called "Heeding the Call" that I would like to share with you.  It explains more fully the call... "Heeding The Call!"

The Patriotism was manifested in a totally bizarre way... I was involved in the movie industry for the over 15 years.  I had traveled over 250,000 miles with actors and actresses doing western film festivals all over America.  My good friend, Jon Locke and I became a wonderful group, singing and entertaining all over America. Jon had introduced me to John Mitchum, an extraordinary poet and story teller.  His very essence was prose, poetry and story telling. His patriotism and love for America... was everything and more... and to show his appreciation of John Mitchum... John Wayne did an album of John Mitchum's poetry, with the best known poem... "America Why I Love Her."  


John Mitchum was the brother of actor Robert Mitchum.  John passed away about 3 years after this "Suddenly" moment!  I was doing a job for a lady that wanted to put a horse on top of her building ajacent to the 15 freeway in my city.  I did better than this... I put a 10' tall horse on top of a 50 foot flagpole.  During a meeting, she accidently backed into my car with her Lincoln Navigator, crushing the left side of my car.  While getting my car repaired, they had to paint part of the car.  BUT... when I picked up the car, the "ENTIRE" car was painted as an American flag.   It was as if... this gift from God to me was revealing to me... that my prayers were answered.  The paint job is amazing...  God had given to me a greater portion of "Love of God and Country" because my heart was hungry for it.

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