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I am so glad you came to visit...
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God Bless You,  Katie "heart" West
Email: KatieWest@KatieWestArt.com 

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I invite you to read a short introductory bio below the buttons to know what makes Katie "heart" West.  As you probably know, my speciality is painting "Legends of the American West",  that I grew up with on western TV and movies, good role models and with good American values.  
            I also engrave in granite, do walls, monuments with my special process, "Petrigraphy."


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On The "Wood" Grain 








For information about artwork, special commissions, book signings, granite engravings, speaking engagements, monuments or any other questions, please contact Katie West at: 

Email: KatieWest@KatieWestArt.com    
Web: www.KatieWestArt.com  
(417) 683-9378

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