Commissions by Katie West

Keith Ferrazi, a dear friend...published author of several best sellers...including "Never Eat Alone"  I had met Keith in a seminar put on by my dear friend... Mark Victor Hansen of "Chicken Soup For The Soul" fame...
When I heard Keith's message and his heart... we also were instantly friends...

Most of the paintings I do start with a canvas painted like the old masters...  I start with a canvas totally painted in 2 colors... Mars Violet and white... After the canvas is dry, I go back with transparent glazes...
 Below is an example of the painting with the underpainting of Mars Violet.


While doing the Ontario Convention Center, Police and Fire Games... I was HONORED to meet Mr. Bob Brown.
Bob is the General Manager of the Ontario Convention Center.
As he looked at my artwork... he was very complimentary.
Bob and I also had another area of our lives in common... "our love for animals, specifically dogs!"
Bob's son was graduating from college in June, 2011 and he had asked me if I could do this painting for Jason's gift.
This beautiful doberman was their family member and had passed two years previously... and like me...
when my beloved Holly collie passed... it was a bit emotional talking about this beautiful part of the family.

This is my new friend Bob Brown... This is the gift that will be given to Jason... tomorrow for graduation.

This is another example of how the painting would be done, first in a painting of Mars Violet and white... then slowly when it is dry... add glazes...

Here is a larger image of the finished painting

This is Jason Brown... and his favorite dog that passed 2 years ago. 
Jason now graduated from college... received this as one of his graduation presents.
I received a call today to tell me he was thrilled.
Thank you Jason.
It was a very special painting for me to paint.
I call it "The KISSSSSSSSS".


While fishing in the high sierras, I met the most wonderful new friend, Gary Cino.  He owned the marina on the lake where we were fishing. We entertained for Gary and his marina crew by their evening campfire... singing and laughing.  They became very good friends to us.  We would rush across the lake to visit Gary's marina and see his wonderful new art from local artists, full size bears sculpted from wood... scupted wooden eagles in flight... the hand crafted wooden rocking chairs... while sitting overlooking the marina and eating ice cream!  I rememeber well the night that we met.  We were entertaining around the campfire.  Gary knew that I was an artist and asked to see some of my work.  I had brought a bound book of cowboy paintings in various media... and as Gary looked at them... he was very interested.  He looked at me and asked me... "How can I help you?"

Well... after I was able to to grasp such a profound statement from such a successful man...  I was speechless!
The next day I went in to see Gary.  I asked him what I should do with my artwork...
Gary said... "Write a book!"
I did just that... and sent the book off for publishing.  It was a coffee table book... 128 pages of my heart and my artwork of all the cowboys I knew and I painted.  I sent Gary a letter explaining what I had done and thanked him for his help and knowledge.  About a week later, I received a check from Gary to be put toward the final payment of the publishing of my new book.

Gary Cino is directly responsible for my book... then books... because Costco has taken them all... the western art book being at Costco for 4 1/2 months... not once but twice.  I appreciated Gary so much that I painted his favorite photograph in oil. 
This painting is actually AN actual photo of Gary fishing in the high sierras. 
The book published is... Katie West Presents... Legends Of The American West.


Meet my friend Ernie Borgnine... I absolutely LOVE this man.  His warmth and gracious smile is captivating...  Ernie always makes everyone feel like they are his best friends.  Ernie is now in his 90's, but his energy level is over the top.  You can see his Oscar from Marty just above the center of the painting. 

This painting is of Ernie from "The Wild Bunch".  It starred Ernie, William Holden, Warren Oates and Ben Johnson.  I named this painting... "The Wild Bunch... Bound by a code of Honor!"  If you have ever seen the movie... you will understand.  The Wild Bunch fought for their friend's honor... they knew that they were outnumbered, but HONOR was their goal, not running!  How much honor do we see today in society?  Thank you to our military, police, firefighters, sheriffs... and all the strength of the every person fighting for our country today...  "AMERICANS Bound By A Code Of Honor!"  I truly believe that Ernie Borgnine has that kind of HONOR!

Dear Ernie...
I have met alot of movie actors & people in the industry... and I, being in the industry for nearly 20 years now... BUT...
YOU are the most kind, genuine and real of them all.
I am honored to know and love you!

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