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Katie West Presents... Legends Of The American West

Growing up, watching all the greats on television, formed what I am today. They gave me a value system that I shall be forever grateful for. I am a cowgirl, with my first role model being Roy Rogers and Trigger.  Together we would ride the range and save people from "ALL" their distresses! How awesome to be born in the days of seeing all of them ride the range and give us all their "Cowboy Codes to live by!" I am a product of this environment. For over two decades I have been involved in the movie industry. I paint the people I have known in real life and also those that have impressioned my heart and spirit.
This book is not only the art of these greats, it is the values I learned from most personally.  A cowboy is a way of life... this is the life I have chosen and my calling is... "Promote Love of God and Country!" 
God bless you all... and share what we have learned from these
This book is a hard bound coffee table book of 128 full color glorious pages.

The sticker price is $39.95... I have chosen to give a $10 discount to all "My Cowboy Friends" who will share these values w/ others.



To have Costco take my book... THAT WAS HUGE!  I remember the first day my book was at Costco... I could hardly breathe.  I was hyperventilating, I am sure!  I was also asked to have a book signing in more than one Costco.  The first was the best booksigning Costco had ever had. It was second only to Bill Clinton's book. "The Legends of the American West" book was in Costco for over 4  1/2  months, which is unheard of at Costco.  Most books stay a month.  I was overjoyed and blessed. 

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