Help Save Lassy's Farm

My love affair with collies started when I was quite young. It was Lassie that took my breath away.  Her elegance, her... always near to save and help... it was a dream beyond dreams to think I would ever have a Lassie dog of such character and devotion.  This book is so very special to me because this little beauty is named Lassy.  Her father (pictured) was a movie star in a major movie in 2006.  This book is about a dream farm that is many miles across America... really almost the furthest spot from where I live in California.  This is the home where Lassy was born. This is a real place and these are the real photos from the actual farm where "Lassy" was born. 
Come with us as we take a trip across America to the most beautiful place in America, the birthplace of Lassy.
This book is filled with not only beauty, but love and a special twist of devotion, animal and human!

Come with us as we take you across America to the most beautiful farm in America.

Lassy's family, Mom, Dad and Lassy in the daisy fields...
Help Save Lassy's Farm is a book for all ages, in beautiful... full color.


I am very blessed to announce my 3rd book,
HELP SAVE LASSY'S FARM, was accepted in Costco also in 2010.
I wish to thank Costco for believing in me and the stories I tell... and... the artwork I do.
God bless you.


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