In Search Of A Friend... The Journey



My second book to go to Costco was "also a miracle"... as was the book itself just being in Costco.  I had two collies, Buddy and Holly.  Holly left Buddy and I and we were devastated. I bought a little used motorhome and left for 10 days to heal with Buddy. We went to Pismo Beach.  Everywhere we went, Buddy was looking for a friend to help him heal.  You can't make these things up, when you see the actual photos. We were inseparable Buddy and I. I took photos because that is what I do, not ever expecting to write a book... but what I saw in Buddy is also what I saw in myself, so I carried a pocket camera everywhere we went.  When we came back home, we were still devastated, and could not find a new collie friend to help us heal.  This book is "A Miracle" from God. This story, "His story" reflects how much He loves us... and our beloved animal family.  The answer in this book made it SO ABUNDANTLY CLEAR to me... how REAL HE really is! 
This is a true story of Love and God's grace and mercy.

This last line on this book says...
"If God can do a miracle for Buddy, He can do it for you!"
This is a book for all ages, all faiths, and all people!
God bless you,
Katie West

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