I'll Watch Over You...
Witnessing The Miracles Of God!


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 I'll Watch Over You, Witnessing The Miracles Of God

This book has the hand of God on it... He has opened miraculous doors with the stories from everyday believers, movie stars, pastors, children who have seen God... people who have died and gone to heaven & returned... and more. 
"Without Faith, it is impossible to please God"
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This book is full color and 204 pages, 63 Miracle Stories
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Thank YOU so much, God bless, Katie West
The best gift you can give is "Faith in God"
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Contributors of Stories in this book:
Shirley Jones;  Dan Haggerty-Grizzly Adams; Akiane;
Red Skelton; Bill Spade F.D.N.Y.; Jeff Hildebrant; Carl Maier, Dave & Barbara Hubert/Steamer 1:

Lt. Col. Robert Hecker/WWII; Julie Ream; Cowboy Jerry Sooter; Barbara Clifton; Buck "The Big Man" Helton; Julie Hunt
  Mimi Rogers Swift/Roy Roger's Daughter; Jessie Hopkins
Photographer Timothy Wolcott; Pastor Dick Hilleary
Pastor Doug Gooch;  Ben Costello/Gunsmoke;  Terri Hill; 
Dr. Ruth Koch/Heaven; Marilyn Mulligan; Cary Grant; 
Claude Brock; Jim Levell; Bill Henderson/PowerTeam
Danny DeBruce; Charlie LeSueur; Donn Moyer; Katie West; West
ern Actor Jon Locke; Red Skelton-Pledge of Allegiance

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"I'll Watch Over You..." witnessing the miracles of God." In this book we go beyond what we know, and reach into another world of the miraculous and how, a loving God, shows His love by the miracles "Of God!"  This book is a letter, a story, a healing, a circumstance, a visual, a journal of the workings of Jesus, God and Holy Spirit.  The stories come from "you" and me. They are written about dogs, horses, animals, healings, heaven, the face of Jesus, nature...  miraculous happenings that is undeniably God and His miraculous works from the maker of heaven and earth.  As a believer in Christ, this book is written to show others the world and life we live each day, knowing that God is not just a myth... HE is real, and HE is ever present! 
If you would like to submit your story for our next book to be included in
"I'll Watch Over You Always!"
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About Katie West and the Cover artwork for the book of "I'll Watch Over You!"

These are my two collie dogs, Buddy and Holly. Holly was involved in a near-fatal accident being run over by a one ton truck. It was so serious, that she was not supposed to live and if she did, she would have had severe brain damage and be blind. I raced to the vets office and upon bringing her in, I was told, "There was nothing they could do, but watch her." I was devastated. They would call me. I drove home crying out to God and told Him...  "If YOU would heal my dog, I would paint."  I got home and laid on the floor praying for Holly. I had not painted in several years because my mother had cancer and it was my responsibility to care for her. I lost my desire to paint. Six hours later the vet called me to come to his office.  I had no idea what I would see when I got there.  As I was waiting for the vet, Holly walked out with two eyes on a leash.  This is the short version of this story... but this is the painting that I painted as "My Promise" To God and...
The cover to OUR book... "I'll Watch Over You, Witnessing The Miracles Of God" 

To contact Katie West by email:  KatieWest@KatieWestArt.com 
Websites: www.KatieWestArt.com  (417) 683-9378

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