Benches, 200 Years Old

Making Seven...
200 year Old Concrete Benches?

When my client Centra Realty called me... they asked me if I could build 7, 200 year old benches?
"Sure", I said... "When do you need them?"  The response was a.s.a.p.
In San Juan Capistrano, businesses are required to have a Historical Depiction in order to open their doors for business.  This was a huge industrial complex.  It had taken another contractor
11 months to do one... and it was not satisfactory.
I had to do seven within 3 months.  "No problem Steve!"... "Let's get on it!"
I love the challenge... and I love history.
San Juan is my favorite place and Steve, was one of the best people in the world to work with.
We made our time element and we delivered on schedule.  The concrete benches were delivered
and put together in place so nothing would be damaged. 

Although... building 7, 200 year old benches... I did use a pretty big hammer to chip off the rough edges... !  I also had to paint the benches as if, for 200 years, pigeons landed and pooped.
Creative?  You bet!

We bolted the concrete pieces together... and then used hand cut large dowels to fit into the holes to look as if they were held together by old fashioned round dowels.  The color you see
was mostly painted in place, so their was also alot of on site work... large flat rocks were placed in
the bottom front to appear to have used old fashioned flat rocks in the adobe.

The seven benches were placed in different locations around the huge new office complex.

Each bench had it's own unique look.  No two looked alike.  It was alot of fun.
I got some pretty strange looks when I started to break the edges of the beautiful perfect concrete with the huge hammers I used. 
I loved the dowel look! It is so neat to see clients/friends happy,
relieved when the project is complete.



When the seemingly impossible is what you are looking for... ?
I'm your girl... My motto is... "No boundaries, No Limits" since 1973
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