The Art of Katie West "Presents" Legends Of The American West

...IS not just a title of my book...
"It is the heart of my being!"
Nearly every person I have painted in this book, I have known personally or known their significant family member.  I paint from my heart and God has given to me the gift to paint not only them, but be able to put into the painting their unique personality.

I have really combined two books into one.  Much of the western art I do, God has given me inspirational words or poems to go with each.  Just before this book was printed, I had 20+ pages of artwork that I deeply wanted words for...  Not just words, but my heart and God's heart.
I was to do a television program and they wanted the printed book in hand.  The book was to take 6 + weeks and I was on the edge.
God "supernaturally" downloaded to me 5 to 6 poems a day.  What an awesome experience to be sitting with laptop late into the night and hear words coming into my mind from the heart of God.
I wrote them down as I heard them... I will name just a few... 
"The Brave and The Beautiful,  The Red Canoe, The Road Apple Gang, Standing, The Champion, The Black (Stallion), Above The Storm, Stay by Me Pal, The Secret Place, The Crossing, Love Is Born, Is It Time To Play?, Born To Win, May I Escort You?"

If that was not enough... one night late into the night, tired and weary just before the book HAD To LEAVE my hands and let it go to be published... I head these words...
An Artist's Heart

It was the exact words I would write if I could find the words to tell you what it takes to give so much of your heart, for me to paint as I do... unable to leave a painting... painting late into the night when I cannot even keep my eyes open... but my spirit has to keep going.
God wrote the "Inspirational" words for me!
I pray over all my paintings before I begin... and many times when I feel that the task is too great for me and MUST rely on God's supernatural hand.

I am not this super-human, religious nut... but I know from where I have come... and I know what my capabilities are... and I know when God is in charge and I am not!

The Art of Katie West "Presents"
Legends Of The American West

... and so it is with great pleasure, I present to you, my deepest heart, my love "For God and Country" the values that made America great!  God bless you, Katie "heart" West

I asked Jon Locke, Actor & Entertainer, to write the forward. Jon played in over 250 westerns, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Tales of Wells Fargo, Virginian to name a few...
Jon and I traveled over 250,000 miles doing western film festivals with most of the living western legends for over 10 years. I felt that Jon was the most capable of writing the forward with his honest awareness of what really makes "me". 

At the western festival in West Branch, Michigan in 2002, Jon Locke, Ben Cooper and myself were brought in as celebrities.  Unbeknowst to us all, Congressman Jim Barcia personally had put us all into the Congressional Record.  He also personally awarded us "Our own personal copy of "Our" Congressional Records.  It was a very strange feeling for me.  I wanted to know the person they were talking about when they were reading mine!


Price of Legends Of The American West:  $29.95  + $7 shipping

Book will be shipped Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation Included.  $7

Note from Jon Locke dated May 23, 2011:
To Katie West Regarding:
LEGENDS OF THE AMERICAN WEST, a full color book, that should be in "every" history class in America.
Not only that... but should be on "every" coffee table and in "every" library in "every" home of "everyone" that
loves this country, especially "The West".
If you are not already a Patriot, you might become one.

To the great heart of a wonderful artist, Patriot and writer...
"Kudos and Brava!"
With Fond Admiration, 
Jon Locke 

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