American Wall Of Freedom

The American Wall Of Freedom is a Granite Wall, 8 to 10 feet tall and 350+ feet long.  The Wall is a story of the First Founding Father, God Himself, and the Miracles that made "The United States Of America."  The Wall is "Black Absolute Granite, finely engraved and much of the wall in FULL VIVID COLOR. 

The American Wall of Freedom is... the history of America founded by God... and begins "In The Garden... The Fall of Man... The Crucifixion... and the Empty Tomb... from the very first landing to present time tells the colorful stories of how this country was formed... and the brilliant men that were chosen by God to be instrumental in America's birth.  The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, The Revolutionary War, and the many stories and miracles "where" man could only look upon them and say... "BUT GOD!"

The American Wall Of Freedom home is yet to be determined.  For more information, please contact Katie West at or call directly: 417-683-9378 or text  909-234-9378  Thank YOU and God Bless.

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